Why choose US?


We made a huge commitment in creating the best ever laundromat solution for ourselves. We will not simply share the technical tool, but share our ideas, expertise and business logic as well.


Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Upgrade or downgrade anytime. Flexible choice, fixed costs, hassle free.


We are passionate about our business and love our clients. This is why we try to do our best to deliver perfect solutions for your business model.


If you have compatible machines, we can launch your personal plan within a month.


Machine reservation system, facility to connect older machines to our online system, development of projects such as drop off lockers and vending machines - We have an unstoppable passion to innovate.


Our system drastically reduces over spending on staff and guarantees unbelievable savings. For example: our statistics tool will assist in helping you do your pricing and help determine your machines program / cycle parameters.