The statistics break down stereotypes about Self-Service Laundry

The statistics break down stereotypes about Self-Service Laundry

Online business management and data aggregation in the cyber space, the flow of orders visible in the real time offers an opportunity to take a closer look at your business situation, track trends and customer habits. This also allows to optimize your business, better understand the needs of your customers, and manage the provision of services more effectively.

Couple of years ago, "Laundry Restart" - first innovative laundry machine administration system, developed in Lithuania, had introduced a smart business management model to the Laundry business. As a working ground, the Self-Service Laundry chain "Londris" was created.

An overview of the data collected through this system can lead to interesting conclusions. The statistics of the past two years show the shift in the perception towards Laundromat users' habits.

Dryers: Once Taken ...

When "Londris" was founded, dryers were thought to be more popular in the cold season, but the data collected has denied it: visitors appreciate the convenience of it in the summer as well. By the way, the warm season is also characterized by an increase in the number of people who spend time doing their laundry on work days, not just on weekends.

Not everyone has a dryer at home, which leads to its demand in Self-Service Laundry. Sometimes clients would bring clean, damp laundry and use only the dryer. During the warm season, the use of dryers reduces by only a few percent, and, say, rainy June and December numbers are almost the same (34.2 and 34.9 percent respectively). This testifies to the fact that once it becomes apparent how convenient and efficient that is, people no longer want to air-dry their laundry on all possible surfaces around their home.

Lithuanians had easily adapted to SMART PAYMENTS

Statistics show that Lithuanians increasingly trust in smart payments. With the option of choosing whether to pay at a Self-Service payment kiosk or via Mobile App, visitors are gradually choosing the latter: in 2017, such payments increased by 2.5 times. Nnow one tenth of the company's revenue is collected through a c payments. Thus, we are following global trends - for example, in one Cambridge University Laundromat, operating with the "Laundry Restart" system, almost 70% of payments are completed via Smartphones, and 30% - using coins.

Detergent: Less is more

Data shows that people who use Self-Service Laundry services are eager to buy laundry detergents - about one third chooses to do so. What does it mean? They do not have to buy laundry detergents in large containers and carry them to the Laundromat - rather, from the range offered at the premises, they can choose the most suitable one, and most importantly, exactly the quantity needed. Clients tend to use detergent accessories as well - 10% of the customers who buy laundry detergents are also getting laundry leaflets that protect the colors from bleeding.

OPTIMAL is the most popular washing cycle 

The image of boiling clothes from earlier times, apparently, remains only in memories, as high-temperature washing (90 ºC) loses its' popularity: according to statistics, the program HEAT makes only 5.7% of all orders.

Analyzing the economic distribution of customer flows, it is obvious that about one-sixth of people who use Londris services are fond of saving - the short cycle program ECO for 1 euro was used by 15,6% of clients. On the other end - exclusive V.I.P. The program, supplemented by double soaking and rinsing, attracted about a tenth of the customers (9.2%). Still most chose to use an OPTIMAL washing program.

Extended working time benefits the busy people

In addition to the benefits of other intelligent control systems, the ability to remotely control the operation of Laundromats is particularly valuable. This allows us to add extra hours to regular working time - "Londris" runs seven days a week, from 6:00 to 24:00. Statistics confirm that customers do take advantage of it: 11% of all orders are made between 10:00 pm till 10:00 am.

"People are extremely busy, so it's great that our clients do not have to go out of their way and rush immediately after a day's work to hit a rigid time frame. They can go ahead and plan their day so that it would be enough time for everything, and leave the laundry for the late evening, or early morning hours", says Rimantas Simkus, CEO of  Londris Ltd., and founder of "Laundry Restart" system.


In Lithuania, Londris Ltd. has established 9 Self-Service Laundromats in Vilnius, and several more in the regions. Under the "Laundry Restart" brand, the company is actively developing in foreign markets by participating in major international exhibitions in Europe, the USA and Asia. The "Laundry Restart" service package consists of a revolutionary billing and management solution for Self-Service Laundry, business consulting and installation services. It is already used by Laundromat owners in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Latvia, the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic.