• Our system is compatible with machines manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems and factory fitted with either “Quantum Gold” or “Quantum Gold +” controls. 
  • Some Alliance manufactured machines without “Quantum Gold” or “Quantum Gold +” controls are also wotking on our system - for example Czech Republic made machines: CZ made machines with MC6 and MC7 controllers.pdf
  • New Schulthess Maschinen AG washers and dryers are fully compatible as well.
  • In upcoming month LG washers and dryers would be added to LRS.
  • We have also integrated the older MAYTAG front loading laundry machines to work with this system.
  • Basically all washers and dryers could be connected, it is a matter of functionalities to be present on a system.

We are looking to expand our list of the brands. More good news will be coming soon.