Laundry ReSTART

47 sites in 5 countries. Hundreds of machines. Tens of thousands of orders. All the data to help your business grow and glow. Proved to be true.

easy for clients


MOBILE APP or POS (point of sale)

Your customer can open the APP in their smartphone or opt to use a dedicated kiosk terminal inside your premises. Easy steps guiding the customer through the selection and payment process.


Load the laundry into your selected machine, add detergent and close the door.


Push START button on the machine and the cycle will begin.


Take full advantage of the Mobile App - allows booking machines ahead of time, receive reminders when the cycle is close to completion, as well as the possibility to save payment information and much more!

Adjusted for business


Shareholders play a very important role in the decision making, operation, financing, and control.


Our tool covers anything the CEO or CFO may need in decision making and analysing processes.


Features include: happy hours, discount plans, promotions - you can easily create, edit and publish your marketing campaigns online.


Alerts can be automatically sent via email or SMS covering all aspects from security to machine performance and error notifications.


The Laundry ReSTART system provides 100% online controllability of accounts, system management and marketing in Self-Service Laundry operations. Owners have the choice of using smart phone applications or any compliant POS kiosk terminal. The system is fully compatible with all payment options – cards, cash, mobile wallets, etc. This "state of the art" system can link washers, dryers, detergent vending machines, coffee machines and much more.

Knock, knock. New order arrived!


Today our system is capable to be connected to washers and dryers manufactured by different brand owners.

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Why choose US?


We made a huge commitment in creating the best ever laundromat solution for ourselves. We will not simply share the technical tool, but share our ideas, expertise and business logic as well.


Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Upgrade or downgrade anytime. Flexible choice, fixed costs, hassle free.


We are passionate about our business and love our clients. This is why we try to do our best to deliver perfect solutions for your business model.


If you have compatible machines, we can launch your personal plan within a month.


Machine reservation system, facility to connect older machines to our online system, development of projects such as drop off lockers and vending machines - We have an unstoppable passion to innovate.


Our system drastically reduces over spending on staff and guarantees unbelievable savings. For example: our statistics tool will assist in helping you do your pricing and help determine your machines program / cycle parameters.

About us

Laundry ReSTART began a few years ago as a start-up company callled LONDRIS, building a system from scratch, in this period we had the unique chance to view the process through the eyes of the owner, employee and client. We had to consider the high demands of the advanced and technically thinking client, but to remember not to leave the older generation behind.

This challenge led us to an innovative concept of accounting, marketing, managing, safety and design. We envisioned the client entering a Laundromat, choosing a washer and detergent, paying for it at a kiosk terminal. The manager would receive notifications about new purchases in real-time. A client base is gradually accrued which can be used for marketing purposes. With the aid of our sophisticated statistics tool we can analyze online data instantly.

The Laundry ReSTART system is meant to be integral and cover all possible situation and solutions for the laundry owners, workers and clients alike, as well as offering a easy to use interface. The payment terminal, is designed for maximum simplicity and convenience - it links washers, dryers, detergent vending machines, coffee machines etc.

We co-operate with the digital pioneers from Latvia Wash-Pal, a revolutionary Internet based laundry payment and monitoring system, incorporating technology and proprietary features. Our partners in video surveillance and security are G4S Lithuania, and together we came up with effective solution to maximize safety and securityin the laundry premises, by establishing the alert button, surveillance cameras, and a semi-automatic door locking system.

By combining all the best technical solutions available today, we are proud to present Laundry ReSTART, so you can run your laundry business more effectively!


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European Regional Development Fund

European Regional Development Fund
The project of MKG Ltd. participating in international exhibitions abroad
MKG Ltd. begins to implement project „Development of MKG export" which is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
The company has developed an IT solution "Laundry restart“ for self-service laundries. The ongoing nature of the activity of the company requires searching for a new markets.
Participation in exhibitions provides the company an opportunity to present its services not only for existing but also for a new foreign markets, establish contacts with new potential partners and to increase exports.
The project objective is to increase the company's exports to existing and new markets. Participation in international exhibitions, the presentation of the company's services and search for a potential partners in the new export markets will be the main instrument for the developing the export of company's services of Lithuanian origin,
and for the plans to increase the company's sales revenue.
In order to increase the export of goods in existing and new markets MKG Ltd. project is launching its IT solution presentations at international exhibitions abroad.
The company plans to take part in 4 international exhibitions in Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.
Shows selected based on previous participation experience, expert estimates, the statistical indicators.
The project "Development of MKG export" by MKG Ltd.. The project is carried out without a partner.
The project budget - 47 202,00 euros, the amount of funding received - 23 601,00 euros.
Project implementation period 2016 June - 2017 June.
The project is implemented by the 2014-2020 European Union funds Investment Priority 3. Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion of competitiveness "no. 03.2.1 LVPA-K-801 "New opportunities LT.
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Check out our new video about Laundry Restart system! It is an introduction to modern laundry business - by creating online management and marketing tools, payment system, adding drop-off and vending we gained a deep knowledge and expertise we want to share with you.

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An overview of the data collected through our system can lead to interesting conclusions. The statistics of the past two years show the shift in the perception towards Laundromat users' habits.

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Welcome! Laundromat company, operating in Kazan, Moscow, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Bransk and Yekaterinburg is successfully testing Laundry Restart system - first machines connected in Kazan.

Very proud to become partners with JHC Laundry Operations (UK) - a company known for its excellent performance in Laundromat business. Now, with the addition of Laundry Restart system, it's another big step up! Starting at Swirles Court, Girton College, North West Cambridge.

Completely new locker system for a Drop-Off service. Adding this feature to Laundry Restart system is a significant upgrade for Laundry business.

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Proud to welcome Wash&Go Laundry, the Netherlands! Constantly improving and expanding limits - this time we accomplished Wallet Pay and Extended Reservation Calendar. Plus - connection established via 4G mobile internet.

We wanted a perfect vending machine - and we made it. It can sell detergents, or whatever, in boxes, sachets, you name it! Plus - easily add or remove additional slots for more (or less) products. This multifuncional Vender is fully compatible with Laundry ReStart payment system, which means bank cards, coins, or both. See, we don't compromise when it comes to convenient 21st century Self Service Laundry business.

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Payment system

Barclay Card

Barclay Card

Ingenico wallet

Ingenico wallet





Realex payment

Realex payment

GP webpay

GP webpay